This guide will tell you how to properly report a player who broke any of the rules.


This picture below shows the ban form you will need to fill to submit a report.

Players SteamID:

You can get it ingame if you have the mouse input(adv. options) on the scoreboard enabled. Simply rightclick the player in the list and open the profile. Copy the url[playername] and paste it on this website to get the SteamID

Alternatively you can get the SteamID via the ingame console if you have enabled it. Type status and search for the player name, there should be the SteamID behind it.

Players Nickname:

The nickname is the players current ingame name. Of course the person can change it, but as long we have the correct steamID we can track him down.


Here you can write what the person did, provide screenshots or videos, link his steam profile.


The rest is pretty self-explanatory. Follow this guide and we will be one step closer to a better community. or click the SourceBans button