Our Friends at Revive TF2 Arena are hosting another gathering this evening at 18:00/6PM UTC+1. Its an event where you can participate
with others and fight on well known arena maps.

Have Fun!

Steam Event Link 

Following changes were done to our TF2 servers:
  • Fun server > No custom models except robots, more fun maps in general (even more maps coming soon)
  • Halloween Mapmix > 2Fort Only 
  • Comp. Medieval > Popular Maps (upward, gullywash, badlands, process, etc.)

Have fun!



Done moving. Everything runs again.


Were moving to a new server. Any of the hosted game servers will be down for probably some hours. Same for the website and any other service we provide.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Due the lack of players on our Freak Fortress 2 server we change it to an only Halloween mapmix server. Play all of the beloved Halloween maps if you couldnt get enough on Halloween.


Also we are happy to announce TF2 Stats on our Vanilla Mapmix and Community Mapmix server. Show your rank via !rank or view the top 10 players via !top10. The complete statistic is online on our website available, either by clicking the link below or by clicking the button labeled "TF2 Stats".





!rank shows your rank

!top10 shows the top 10 players


or if you have HTMLMod enabled type "webrank" in the chat.



The update of today broke both the server and plugin system we use. It's fixed now, go ahead play and have fun.


PS: Halloween starts next week.