Do not be offensive to other users

Being offensive to anyone on our servers is not tolerated.

Do not spam text or voice chat

Flooding text or voice channels is not allowed. Spamming voice chat includes but is not limited to constantly using the mic, playing music or obnoxious sounds.

English only when using voice chat

You can only speak English in voice chat, however, you are free to speak whatever language you like in chat.

Have a proper microphone and make sure your voice doesn't disturb the players in the server.

Don't use your microphone to talk if your mic is low quality enough that your voice becomes inaudible. This includes if your mic produces high pitched noises and/or static interference, or if your voice is unhearable above anything in your background, such as other people talking, TVs or your computer itself.

No inappropriate content

This includes sprays and the conscientious objector which show inappropriate content. Anything that is very suggestive or things that people really do not need to see is encompassed. Just because all private parts are covered does not make it appropriate. Please refer to common sense to decide whether to use an image or not.

No hacking/cheating

Using third party applications to give you a bonus over other users is pathetic and if you require these applications to assist you then, we suggest you play a simpler game such as Farming Simulator, rather than a game which will require you to actually learn, and have skill.

No exploiting

Exploting glitches in the game to get an advantage over other players is not allowed. If you find a glitch in the game, report it to Valve. If you find a glitch in a map or custom gamemode, report it to the creator of said content and also to us if possible. By reporting it to us we can make a temporary fix.

No advertising hacks/cheats

Advertising hacks/cheats is forbidden on our servers, even as a joke.

Calling out an undercover admin is punishable

Undercover admins are there to punish people that think they can get away with breaking Rules, do NOT expose them.

Do not abuse !calladmin

Only use calladmin when necessary, we respond to as many as we can but thanks to false calls and spam we will get to actual calls later.

No spawncamping

You may not block enemy team players from leaving their spawn if that spawn has a single exit. If a spawn has multiple exits there must always be at least one that is left unguarded.

No Griefing

Do not act in a way that is either against the objective of the gamemode you are playing or in a way that might annoy the players in the server.


General Commands availabe on all servers

Command Description
!rank Displays rank in chat
!calladmin Calls an admin
!report Report a player
!shop Opens the shop
!inventory Opens your inventory
!credits Shows the credits you have collected
!rtv Starts a vote for map change

Commands available on following servers

  • [PrWh Europe] Community/Vanilla Mapmix
Command Description
!votebots Starts a vote to add a specific amount of bots to the server
!votediff Starts a vote to change the difficulty of bots on the server


Legal Notice

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